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Weekend Salvage-Minneapolis

4159 Grand Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, 55409
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1st, 2nd & 3rd full Weekend Sales, Friday - Sunday, 10 - 5

On the frist, second and third weekend of every month Weekend Salvage will bring you an ever-revolving inventory of uncommon vintage, industrial and antique goods. They love instructional charts, old classroom maps, buffalo and steer skulls, furniture, household goods, jewelry, ready-to-hang art, mid-century lamps, vintage bikes, and anything unusual. Helen's vintage clothing and rock-n-roll t-shirt collection and assemblage art by Kay are ongoing and guest artists and vendors will join monthly. 

Outside the Shop
Outside the Shop
Welcome to Weekend Salvage......
Details: Image, Added 06/20/17
Vintage Classroom Wall Maps and Charts
Find a variety of ages and sizes of pull-down maps....
Details: Image, Added 06/20/17
Ever-revolving inventory
Uncommon Vintage, Industrial and Antique finds ......
Details: Image, Added 06/20/17
More items inside Weekend Salvage...
Details: Image, Added 06/17/17


4159 Grand Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, 55409 - --, USA


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